Mobile WorkFlow

Mobile WorkFlow Facts:



Founding Project:

Software design team that created the U.S. Veterans Health Administrations entire Enterprise EHS Audit and Compliance Management systems.

What we do:

Mobile WorkFlow is a software design firm primarily focused in the corporate EHS space.


Improving the strategic value and capabilities of our clients environmental, health and safety organization (teams) by leveraging better and optimized technologies.

Target Clients:

 Global 500 companies

 Fortune 1000 companies

 Major U.S. Government organizations

Specific Market Sectors of Interest:


Petroleum (mining, production & refining)

Construction Pharmaceuticals
Chemical Retail (big box chains)
Food Production/Processing Technology (computers, networking, and semiconductors)
Healthcare (major hospital systems) Telecommunications
Heavy Manufacturing (aero, auto, appliance, electronics, heavy machinery & equipment, farm equipment, and other industrial) Transportation/Logistics

Design Team Experience:

Our average designer has a minimum of 15 years of professional technology experience and relevant graduate degrees.

Key Roles:

Major Systems Architecture

System Engineering/System Development

User Interface Design

Database Architecture

Mobile Systems Design

Solution Analysis

Process Consulting (workflow design)

Technology Platforms:

Delivery platform - Microsoft .NET

Database platform - Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle

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