Mobile WorkFlow
Custom Solutions - At its core, Mobile WorkFlow is a software design firm. In addition to our set of enterprise EHS compliance management components Mobile WorkFlow also provides a full range of custom design, development and deployment services to help global companies to better automate and manage enterprise EHS compliance management programs and global supply chain stewardship (corporate social responsibility) initiatives. Our capabilities include working with global companies to design enterprise database systems (MS SQL and Oracle), web portals and workflow applications, and performing systems integration, as well as creating a broad range of data collection, mining and reporting solutions.
  • Create custom applications to better automate and improve the overall performance and capabilities of global EHS initiatives
  • Design high quality and open software applications to manage all aspects of EHS and integrate will existing systems
  • Develop Global Corporate Responsibility Portals for managing the global supply chain
  • Design software that targets specific EHS needs without having to implement a broader system
  • Create customized integration and collaboration tools
  • Serve as a complete EHS software technology and management system partner
  • Develop enterprise data repository, mining and reporting tools that can pull and push data across the enterprise

Custom Design Solutions - Mobile WorkFlow works closely with clients to understand all aspects of their EHS compliance management environments and data management requirements to determine the best and most optimized usage of technology. Mobile WorkFlow then collaborates with our clients EHS and technology teams to create a focused solution strategy, develop a prototype for validation and further define system requirements. Finally, Mobile WorkFlow manages the complete development of each client's custom solution, including: analysis, design, piloting, refining, final delivery, training, ongoing technical support and systems evolvement.

Areas of Interest:

Global CSR Supply Chain Portal (Corporate Responsibility) -

Administration Layer
  • Consortium, Association or Corporate
  • Corporate Members
  • Suppliers
  • Auditors
  • 3rd Party Entities

Assessment and Audit Layer
  • Centralized web based assessments and auditing tools
  • Supplier-side assessment and auditing tools
  • Self-Audit management process

Corrective Actions Layer
  • Global CSR CAM Portal (including broad security layers)
  • Supplier-side CSR CAM tools

Reporting/Viewing Layer
  • Unique data reporting and viewing capabilities based in stakeholder role and rights
  • Assessment and CAM functional reporting
  • Global CSR Management reporting

Global CSR Portal Security
  • Global CSR Portal security strategy
  • Entity-based security
  • Role-based security

Enterprise Solution Areas -

  • EHS Management System Audits (protocol-based and exceptions based)
  • EHS Facilities Inspections (protocol-based and exceptions based)
  • Behavioral Audits (web-based - mobile device 'handheld' solutions)
  • ISO data collection (ISO 14001 - OHSAS 18001 audit management)

Data Collection
  • Environmental data (waste, water, underground storage, air, toxics, land, compliance, etc.)
  • EHS Facilities Inspections (protocol-based and exceptions based)
  • Health & Safety data (compliance, ergonomics, emergency preparedness, HazMat, fire, certification, training, etc.)
  • Incident data
  • EHS Performance Metrics
  • Facilities Raw data

Tracking and Management
  • Corrective Actions
  • Preventive Actions
  • Incident and Investigation Management
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