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CAM Portal - Mobile WorkFlow works with global companies to manage and track the corrective and preventive action processes across the enterprise. The CAM Portal component is designed to enable all key stakeholders to participate in the corporate corrective action management process. From field auditors and facilities teams tracking plans and activities (tasks) through providing EHS management with a picture (red light - green light) of compliance and risk across your facilities the CAM Portal provides the right view of data and functionality to each unique group. In addition, the CAM Portal provides your company with an accurate and real-time view of your company's current position and status regarding enterprise corrective actions, abatement progress and overall risk, as well as can manage root cause analysis data and various levels of preventive actions tracking. This solution can also be tied into your internal email system to send alerts and messages regarding enterprise corrective action management progress.
  • Manage enterprise corrective/preventive action processes
  • Provide enterprise-wide, rights-based web-portal access
  • Manage a full range of user groups and needs
  • Improve EHS and facilities management of risk
  • Automatic alerting of key stakeholders of critical CAM issues via email integration and dashboard delivery
  • Increase quality of CAM processes and capture root cause data
  • Create digital paper trail of abatement process and auto-purge data
  • Enterprise-ready: MS .Net Platform, SQL or Oracle backend, and fully integrate-able with other major systems (i.e. SAP)

CAM Portal Design - In implementing the enterprise CAM Portal component Mobile WorkFlow works closely with EHS and facilities management leadership to analyze and define the critical corrective and preventive actions processes in order to configure and customize the CAM Portal to your specific needs. Our main goal is to design the CAM Portal so that it fits tightly your enterprise corrective action processes and effectively manages the CAM process for all key stakeholder groups, as well as provides critical and timely visibility of risk to leadership. The following are core areas of design functionality and customization:

Customize CAM Portal Screen/Form Design - Mobile WorkFlow designs major CAM Portal screens to capture relevant data to manage all aspects of the CAM process for the various user groups: EHS management, auditors, facilities management and maintenance team, and corporate leadership. Application forms can also be created for various types of self-audit management data.

Customize CAM Portal Functionality - the following are common areas of considered functionality

  • CAM data collection requirements (i.e, findings data, root cause, recommended corrective action, etc.)
  • Level of process tracking (findings, plan-of-action, activities, actions and tasks, individuals, types, and entities)
  • Rules and processes to manage and validate each layer of abatement process, through completion
  • User group views (i.e. leadership view of high-level metrics vs. auditor view of divisional abatement activities)
  • Preventive action management and tracking
  • Self-audit CAM management configuration
  • Supply chain CAM management configuration
  • Enterprise knowledge sharing
  • Auditor management tools sync
  • Alerting and email integration rules and approach
  • Enterprise CAM reporting (i.e. standard vs. management red-light/green light and other needs)

Enterprise Database Design and Portal Requirements

  • Design database approach and requirements
  • Select and configure backend {database} (i.e. MS SQL Server or Oracle)
  • Define security and various end-user (groups) usage rights

Collaboration Requirements

  • Range of enterprise views of CAM process and risk
  • Systems integration (i.e. incident tracking, SAP modules, preventive action systems, etc.)
  • Field CAM collaboration functionality
  • Metrics Portal data delivery
CAM Portal Solution Delivery

Phased Delivery - all of Mobile WorkFlows solutions are provided using a phased approach to better accommodate the typically lean and very busy EHS team environment. Thus insuring a more natural, aligned and effective delivery.

Pilot Phase - in order to determine the optimal CAM process management and tracking requirements Mobile WorkFlow facilitates a pilot program (phase).  This pilot phase enables our design team to get a closer look at how the CAM Portal is used and allows our design team to make final adjustments or enhancements prior to final delivery.

CAM Data Transfer- Mobile WorkFlow works with the you to design a strategy to transfer your existing corrective action data into the CAM Portal so that it is ready for full use at the go-live date. * Theres always the chance that some or all of a clients existing CAM data may not be auto-transferable because of its inaccessible format. And in this case, we define another approach to converting key CAM data.

Training - as with all of our major solutions, Mobile WorkFlow provides a range of custom training approaches, from on-site to web-based learning. Our goal is to optimize the training approach to each clients unique situation (logistics, solution complexity and budget).

Support - as a part of all of our solutions Mobile WorkFlow designs a custom support plan to accommodate  each clients situation (level of independence, solution complexity, ongoing content support, internal IT role, and budget).

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