Mobile WorkFlow
EHS Metrics Portals - Beyond helping companies manage critical EHS audit data and information workflow Mobile Workflow also helps global organizations collect, store, mine and deliver key metrics data. The Metrics part of our practice is more custom in nature and includes a diverse range solutions. Mobile WorkFlow works with enterprises to develop metrics data strategies that range from how to collect key EHS information from global facilities, provide key feedback to local leadership and store in a major repository through designing a full range of reporting options (i.e. trending) and dashboard delivery systems. While most Global 500 companies might generally use similar types of metrics the actual approach to extracting, mining and delivery is often quite unique to each client. Mobile WorkFlow can essentially help you collect, distill-out, and deliver key metrics information from anywhere and to anywhere.
  • Easily collect raw and metric data from global facilities via web forms
  • Effectively share metrics info with stakeholders across enterprise
  • Quickly deliver key risk and compliance information to leadership via dashboard delivery
  • Pull-in EHS data from other major systems (i.e. injury illness, workers comp, incident tracking) to create clearer picture of risk
  • Leverage a broad range of reporting and trending output tools
  • Automate entire enterprise reporting processes
  • Implement complete data warehouse and mining tools
  • Utilize enterprise-ready: MS .Net Platform, SQL or Oracle backend.

Custom EHS Metrics Portal Design - As mentioned above, EHS Metrics Portals (capture and delivery systems) are a more custom part of our business and solutions. Mobile WorkFlow works with our clients to understand and define their unique metrics and enterprise reporting needs and then recommends the most optimal strategy. Once the right strategy has been developed and validated, Mobile WorkFlow builds and delivers the solution turnkey. The following is the general range of metrics capture and delivery solutions, and again, Mobile WorkFlow is able to really design most anything in the metrics area to meet your unique requirements:

Complete Metrics Portal - Mobile WorkFlow designs a complete Metrics Portal that can be used to collect key EHS data from global facilities to storing, mining and reporting on compliance and risk trending.

  • Web forms to capture raw data and various metrics data from facilities
  • Provide immediate feedback (i.e. red light/green light) to facilities
  • Store all data in enterprise database or warehouse system
  • Provide reporting and mining tools to perform various trending and other analytical reporting
  • Automate report delivery (i.e. digital dashboards) to key leadership
  • Integrate (pull-in) other forms of EHS data beyond audit findings and corrective action data (i.e. workers comp, injury illness, incident)

EHS Metrics Data Capture - For clients that are trying to collect raw EHS data from facilities around the globe, Mobile WorkFlow can help by designing various types of web forms that can both collect key information, as well provide immediate feedback to facilities management.

EHS Metrics Data Delivery - Mobile WorkFlow works with companies to develop strategies and tools in order to deliver key EHS data and metrics information to leadership around the enterprise. From fully automated digital dashboards delivered to key stakeholders that provide a specific view of risk and compliance to fully custom report writing interfaces for both novice and power users.

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