Mobile WorkFlow
Mobile Auditor - Mobile WorkFlow works with global organizations to design complete end-to-end mobile auditing and inspection solutions. These solutions are a combination of our core mobile audit components and a mobile strategy aimed at enhancing the abilities and performance of your field audit/inspection teams, connecting field compliance management to the enterprise and improving key EHS workflow. Our solutions are designed to support a diverse range of audit types and approaches, for example: health and safety inspections, environmental audits, broad compliance audits, management system audits, process safety audits, quality audits, behavioral audits and so on. In addition, our mobile solutions are able to leverage a an array of mobile technologies (PDA and tablets)
  • Improve auditor performance
  • Increase auditor capabilities and effectiveness
  • Increase quality level and accuracy of audit process
  • Better connect audit field force with enterprise
  • Improve accuracy of audit findings data
  • Better standardize protocol standards usage and overall audit process
  • Increase knowledge sharing and best practice creation
  • Synchronize fielding info (findings) real-time (wirelessly)

Mobile Strategy - as a part of the design process we work with auditors (inspectors), audit teams and management to analyze the critical auditing performance requirements and goals. The most common goal for leveraging mobile technology for auditing purposes is to improve the performance and capabilities of the auditors, and secondly, to improve the quality of the audit process. With this in mind, its imperative that the design strategy and ultimately that the solution fits very tightly to the desired audit workflow and processes. Mobile WorkFlow works closely with clients to map-out all facets of your audit process and extended processes (i.e. sharing findings data) by performing a point-of-performance analysis to really focus-in on your core audit workflow. Its also critical that our solutions are easy to use and are perceived as an immediate value-add so that auditors quickly adapt-to the mobile approach and more quickly achieve target performance improvement. Mobile Development - Once the Mobile Strategy has been created and validated, Mobile WorkFlow designs the mobile audit/inspection solution. The following are some of the key areas in developing a mobile solution:

Select Mobile Device (i.e. PDA vs. tablet) - during the design of the mobile strategy Mobile WorkFlow assesses for and recommends the most optimal types of auditing devices.  One fundamental design area in terms of device selection is whether the predominate audit usage is check list oriented vs. a significant level of unique narrative. In the case of more check-list-able audits, a range of PDA types are recommended, and for more narrative oriented audits we recommend various tablet-based solutions (pen technology).

Design Interface - Mobile WorkFlow creates a user interface (GUI) for the target mobile device that is the right balance of an intuitive and simple design blended with the adequate level of functionality.

Mobile Functionality - the following are common areas of provided functionality:

  • Audit findings capture
  • Library of auditing templates
  • Field audit "standard protocol" management
  • Field knowledge sharing
  • Mobile database design
  • Mobile data sync
  • Wireless vs. non-wireless usage
  • Heavy-duty or spark-free requirements

Mobile Collaboration

  • CAM portal sync
  • Collaborative audit process
  • Field protocol best practice authoring
  • Field findings and metrics delivery

Mobile Solution Delivery

Phased Delivery - all of Mobile WorkFlows solutions are provided using a phased approach to better accommodate the typically lean and very busy EHS team environment. Thus insuring a more natural, aligned and effective delivery.

Pilot Phase - in order to determine exactly how the mobile solution will be used in the field Mobile WorkFlow facilitates a pilot program (phase). This pilot phase enables our design team to get a closer look at how the mobile application is used in the actual field audit situation (context and environment) and allows our design team to make final adjustments or enhancements prior to final delivery.

Pre-loaded devices - Mobile WorkFlow delivers the mobile devices fully-loaded and ready for usage (turnkey).

Training - as with all of our major solutions, Mobile WorkFlow provides a range of custom training approaches, from on-site to web-based learning.  Our goal is to optimize the training approach to each clients unique situation (logistics, solution complexity and budget).

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