Mobile WorkFlow
Standard Protocol Admin Portal - Mobile WorkFlow works with leading companies to improve the overall usage, standardization and sharing of key standard protocol information across the enterprise. By leveraging web-portal and data management technology we effectively collect, store, distribute and evolve (feedback loop) all types of compliance and best practice protocol information. Our approach is also designed to improve standardization of the actual audit and inspection processes in the field by providing a full range of content depth (protocol, standard, criteria statement, recommendation, and actual regulation) and delivery methods (web and mobile). The Standard Protocol Admin Portal can be used to manage multiple types of protocol content (data), auto-translate (integrate) various sources of 3rd party content and serve as the hub for managing enterprise-wide self-audit programs and processes. Mobile WorkFlows Standard Protocol Admin Portal is based on the Microsoft .Net platform, can leverage either MS SQL Server or Oracle databases, and can be used as either a stand-alone system or fully integrated with our other core components.
  • Standardize enterprise EHS standard protocol usage
  • Manage collection and distribution of protocol data
  • Systematically update protocol content from 3rd party providers
  • Increase quality level of audit processes
  • Evolve best practice protocol information through rules-based automated feedback loop (back-n-forth from field to portal)
  • Share protocol and compliance management expertise throughout the enterprise and extend broad standardization strategies
  • Enterprise-ready: MS .Net Platform, SQL or Oracle backend, and fully integrate-able with other major systems (i.e. SAP)

Protocol Administration Design - as a part of the Standards Protocol Admin Portal implementation Mobile WorkFlow first works with the client to assess and analyze your overall protocol management needs and goals. This analysis ranges from understanding and defining the best approaches to translating 3rd party standards content into the portal, on-going content management and field distribution requirements, through developing the strategy and rules for enabling a field update loop for best practices evolvement. In addition, Mobile WorkFlow works with clients to transition your current protocol information into the Admin Portal, develop a strategy for managing various layers of protocol information (actual regulation {i.e. OSHA reg}, protocol, criteria statements and recommendations), develop an approach for dealing with global requirements information and finally to create a strategy for the ever-evolving requirements for protocol management.

Protocol Admin Portal Deployment - Once the Protocol Admin Strategy has been developed and validated, Mobile WorkFlow customizes and delivers the Protocol Admin Portal to the clients environment. The following are some of the key areas in customizing the Protocol Admin Portal solution:

Define Protocol Management Rules and Structure

  • Protocol structure
  • Content management strategy - updating approach (3rd party content sources and internal best practices development)
  • Audit team distribution model
  • Rules for enterprise-field feedback loop
  • On-going protocol changes validation rules and alerts

Implement 3rd Party Data Translators - Mobile WorkFlow uses core technology and creates a custom data translation link that takes 3rd party content in an electronic format and translates this content into the Protocol Admin Portal. In addition, we implement a program and rules to handle on-going content updates.

Customize Portal -design Admin Portal to handle various forms of content structure, field updating feedback loop, preferred administrative rights and alerting, and other potential unique functionality.

Mobile Solution Delivery

Phased Delivery - all of Mobile WorkFlows solutions are provided using a phased approach to better accommodate the typically lean and very busy EHS team environment. Thus insuring a more natural, aligned and effective delivery.

Pilot Phase - in order to determine the optimal content flow and content management requirements Mobile WorkFlow facilitates a pilot program (phase). This pilot phase enables our design team to get a closer look at how the Protocol Admin Portal is used and allows our design team to make final adjustments or enhancements prior to final delivery.

Pre-loaded Protocol Content - Mobile WorkFlow works with the you to transfer all of your key standard protocol data into the Admin Portal so that it is ready for full use at the go-live date.

Training - as with all of our major solutions, Mobile WorkFlow provides a range of custom training approaches, from on-site to web-based learning. Our goal is to optimize the training approach to each clients unique situation (logistics, solution complexity and budget).

Support - as a part of all of our solutions Mobile WorkFlow designs a custom support plan to accommodate each clients situation (level of independence, solution complexity, ongoing content support, internal IT role, and budget).

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